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January 30, 2008


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linda tilley

hey...found you on melissa c blog...and then found all these extra wonderful cookie recipes.....but what the heck is strawberry milk mix......and where would I find it...thanks for any help....I think I found a new favorite blog....yeah...

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Hi, Linda! Thanks for writing in. Strawberry milk mix is a pink powder that you add to milk to give it a sweet, strawberry-ish flavor. Essentially, it’s a pink, fruity version of chocolate milk mix.

I used a small amount of strawberry milk mix in my Raspberry-Chocolate Fondue cookie recipe because it provides a really nice balance to the rich chocolate flavor and also dials up the volume on the raspberries.

I used White Rose, a local New York brand, because it’s what my grocery store had, but Strawberry Quik is probably the most readily available brand of strawberry milk mix in the country. In your grocery store, look for strawberry milk mix near the chocolate milk mix and other instant beverages like Kool-Aid, Ovaltine, and Crystal Light. (I think I found it between the peanut butter and the taco shells at my grocery store, but that's another story entirely.)

Additionally, you'll need dehydrated raspberries, which you can buy online or at any Whole Foods store.

Thanks again, Linda. I hope this helps!

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