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April 04, 2008


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That's so depressing! I mean about the magic dying and such. And Mr. Toad closing. I always hated It's a Small World but that is dumb to put Disney characters in it. Ironically enough, Christina and I were JUST talking about MY first trip to Disney at age 5 when my mom had to dope me up with tic tacs whenever I started to get tired hehe.

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Uh-oh...I was trying to be funny! Crazy how we were having the same conversation at the same time in two separate buildings...


Wow....that makes me misty!! Ah, yes, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride....we did spend a LOT of time on that one! But, you forgot to mention how you literally fell asleep in your soup the night we had dinner in Cinderalla's castle!! Wonderful memories keep the magic alive...even if Mr. Toad is no more.

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Ha! That's was beef barley soup. It really was the Magic Kingdom because I actually ate vegetables.

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