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June 09, 2008


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I sometimes replace half the eggs and half the butter/oil with applesauce to make my oatmeal cookies lower in fat. Have you tried this? It makes for a really 'cake-y' cookie, which is not my favorite, but healthier.


This is very impressive!! I continue to enjoy every posting on your blog and eagerly look forward to checking what's new every day!!!

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Hi, Jerilyn. I agree with you about cake-y cookies. They're not my favorite either. I've been thinking of doing a "health food cookie," but I haven't quite figured out how to deliver both the texture and flavor I like. I was going to make a gluten-free cookie for one of my coworkers, but I discovered that oatmeal contains gluten. Who'd a thunkit? Keep tuned, though. I'll post a low-fat/low-cal cookie soon!

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Thanks, Lorraine! Though I can't take any of the credit for the search came "pre-fab" from TypePad.

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