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June 14, 2008


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It's great having you guys come home for a visit....especially since you don't mind eating out at MY favorite places. (NO cookin' in my kitchen!) The pizza at BR's was terrific (as always)and the "moon" from Clyde's, super good. You're won't survive the ride back to NYC. It started out a full moon, but it's definitely on the wane and will be lucky to be a quarter moon by the time you get home!


No cookin' in Mumma's kitchen and bitchin' in Mary's kitchen


What nice granite counter-tops. Too bad there's no cookin' going on in this kitchen -- unless a certain oatmeal cookie-maker is in residence...


This looks delicious!! Glad to hear that you guys had a good time yesterday. What a great treat for Mumma!


Lovit when you guys visit. The new moon has rapidly turned into the last quarter. Keep up your strength, you never know when Mumma or Sheryle will get something big we have to move.
See you on the 4th.

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Hi, Sheryle and Gary. We got home with 6/7 of the moon intact during the ride back to NYC, but we wolfed the rest down as soon as we got walked in the door at home.

No worries...Jon and I are ace assemblers of hutches and TV cabinets. :-)

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Hi, Lorraine. I called around to all the grocery stores in Chelsea and found that the Whole Foods on 7th and 24th carries linguica. I'm going to attempt a homemade version of this Clyde's specialty, so (if Jon and I don't polish it off too quickly) you should be able to have a taste. We had a really nice time at Mumma's, and we left usual.

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