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July 13, 2008


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Gee, you get to see all the good TV personalities! "Law and Order" is, without a doubt, the very BEST show on television, but it will lose that "something special" when Chris Noth leaves. Say it ain't so!! What were they thinking when they found his replacement??!! Chris Noth = SEXY!! Jeff Goldblum = GAWKY!! Things will NEVER be the same...

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Ok, Mumma. Don't hold back or anything!

Maybe next time you come down to NYC, we'll scout out "Law" filming locations. Remember: Jon and I wanted to take you and Sheryle for a walk near the courthouses to show you where Jack McCoy walks down the steps, but you guys just wanted to check out Canal Street. And instead of spotting celebs, we spent the day spotting knock-off handbags...but that's another story!! :-)

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Oh! By the way, we're so tired from Friday's and Saturday's walks (we went up to 90th and back yesterday) that we're staying in today and watching the CI/SVU marathon on USA. Baking cookies later, though!


I thought you and Jon DID show us the courthouse steps, Jack McCoy in sight. :-) As far as our Canal Street escapade, it is definitely one of those experiences that will forever remain implanted in our memories. Sorry I missed the CI/SVU marathon today....Auntie Anne and I went to the park to hear Dale and the know, that good ole time Rock 'N' Roll!!

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

We barely got to the courthouse! :-)

Yes...our Canal Street escapade was definitely....*memorable*. In fact, we could have ended up as fodder for a "Law and Order" storyline. I can see it now: A couple ladies from out of town led through a false wall, down some rickety stairs, and into a dank basement to pore over knock-off Prada purses. One of the women opens a purse and finds a severed head. Doomp-doomp...roll opening credits.

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