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July 11, 2008


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Did you mention that we did this all *on foot* - I think we were outside for over 11 hours! My feet can rest for now. Next I think I'll start an urban explorer's blog...stay tuned!


When we went to Doughnut Plant we saw the owner and the other guy who were both featured on Food Network's Throwndown with Bobby Flay. Did I mention that I have made a request for a lavender oatmeal cookie?


Next walk: Our apartment to Coney Island! If we do that one, I promise to ride the Cyclone once we get there.


WOW!!! What a magnificent day! You guys are truly marathon walker/explorers - my favorite activity as well. Thanks for sharing the tour with your pictures. I saw the challenge on food network and am more eager than ever to go to Donut Plant.
Ever think of walking north over the George Washington Bridge? Maybe one day I'll try it in reverse down to Chelsea. Paramedics - stand by

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Hi, Lorraine. We're a little achy today (shocker!), so we're going to take it easy--maybe a 50-block walk instead of 200+. Actually, years ago we walked from Chelsea up to Fort Tryon Park in Washington Heights. We visited the Cloisters and then took the train home. Maybe we'll redo that walk sometime this summer.


Omigod!! Are you guys in training for a marathon or the Olympics?? My feet are killing me just thinking about all those miles you covered!! But, dinner looks like a very just reward for all your exercise.

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Well, walking is an Olympic event: And take a closer look at the salad. Those croutons on the side are topped with herbed goat cheese. Your favorite!


It was worth it for the dinner alone!

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