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September 25, 2008


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Greg, I need a rich uncle for those scoops. I'm going to see if I can get a friend's husband to take me to a couple of the restaurant stores in the area. I might get lucky.

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Hi, Alicia. That link was to a set of three scoops, which is on the pricey side. I've changed it so that it links to the one scoop I use, which is $20. If you bake a lot of cookies--like I do--one of these plastic cookie scoops will pay for itself quickly.

There are all-metal scoops that are expensive and all-metal scoops that are inexpensive. But I've found that these models jam up, pinch, and eventually break after just a little bit of use, so it's probably better to invest in a plastic scoop than a metal one that you'll have to replace.

Here's a link to an Oxo scooper at Bed, Bath, and Beyond:

This scooper has the kind of mechanism that goes wonky after a little bit of use. The sprocket...or cog...or whatever that gear-y looking thing is at the bottom slips out of the groove, and you need to use a pair of pliers to realign everything. Ugh... Who wants to deal with that?

Oh! The other good thing about plastic scoops is that they're dishwasher safe and won't rust. Bonus!


Hi Greg,

Yeah, I've looked at the set before. I like it, but I need to get a little more bang for my buck. I've got a query into an Ebay store to see if I can get a better deal. I've used cookie scoops before and mine broke. I want something a little more durable. I should also check Chef's catalog.

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

I'll keep an eye out for stuff too!

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