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October 18, 2008


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WOW - a celebrity in our family! You were well spoken and intelligent in making your point. Feel free to continue to use "regardless" as often as you like. It was totally appropriate!


Isn't it funny when you hear yourself talking and you realize that you say one word or phrase all the time? It makes you wonder why no one has ever told you that you do this and why does it really bother you and not them. The one thing phrase I find myself saying ALOT is "real quick." We used to make fun of my mom because this is her key phrase. For her, everything is going to be done "real quick." Well, it didn't become so funny after I found out how frequently I used the darn phrase too. So, REGARDLESS of the word or phrase, we all do it.


Hahaha yeah you like that word, huh? Hehe. I voted for you! I think you made an excellent argument! Well done!!

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Thanks, everyone! Ugh...I really do hate hearing my own voice. Especially when that voice keeps saying the same thing over and over...and over. :-)

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