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October 21, 2008


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sorry g, but i must respectfully disagree with you here. thanksgiving just isn't thanksgiving without turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, etc.

can u tell this is my favorite holiday? i'm a loyal turkey eater. but i'll take a side of cheesecake with my pumpkin pie!


Hey G,

I'm up for anything, but maybe a couple gobbler sandwiches for after dinner!


Turkey is right up there on my list with (UGH!) chicken for foods I can do without! I'm SO happy that we're having eggplant (one of my all-time favorites). Just make sure that you have some of those yummy cranberry cookies on hand...we have to bow to convention at some point.

Auntie Anne

Boy, am I going to miss you guys at Thanksgiving! It will not be the same without you.....

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

In-Young: I'll have some traditional elements so that my brother can make gobblers (turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mayo, and gravy sandwiches). But handling a big old turkey is...well...*intimidating*! So my T-giving turkey will be of the sliced sandwich meat variety.

BigBro: I'll have gobbler fixins on hand...or we can run across the street to Chelsea Gallery for hot open face turkey sandwiches.

Mumma: You have to be the only person on the planet who doesn't like chicken. Who doesn't like chicken!?!? Looks like you've got plans to keep me in the kitchen all weekend...

Auntie: You and Mumma and Uncle Bruce will all have to come down sometime. I know Jon's going to miss your hard sauce. It's just butter, confectioner's sugar, and vanilla, right?

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