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December 03, 2008


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I chose other but was very close to choosing eggnong. I've tried a few homemade varieties, looking for a lower fat version. I've found Silk Nog is great, and only 2 g of fat verson 1,000 that regular (and grandma's homemade) seems to have. I've got a big performance coming up on Jan 7, so I"m trying to stay away from the really unhealthy holiday treats since the camera adds 10 lbs anyway!
The other things I'm looking forward to most are my grandpa's fudge (without nuts) and a delicious chopped cranberry-marshmallow-cool-whippy "salad" that my family usually has.


Uuhh, cookies!


sugar cookies...the smell, the taste...amazing!


It has to be Peppermint Bark for me!


Frozen Pudding ice cream! You can only get it at this time of the year.

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Thanks for your responses, Everyone! Stay tuned... I'll try to come up with some recipes that incorporate these flavors.


OOoh what about a Tom and Jerry cookie? The batter is like eggnong, but the drink is with hot water, rum and brandy and gets a little frothy. Sprinkled with nutmeg makes it complete. Batter only comes out around Christmastime. I don't if it's a regional popularity or not (I'm in Minnesota). Homemade recipes can be found online (involving eggs and such) but I've only had it with premade batter (that needs to be kept frozen).

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Hi, Em. I've never heard of "Tom and Jerry" before, but it sounds like it would make a great cookie! It must be a regional item. You've piqued my interest, though! :-)

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