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April 03, 2009


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This reminds me that I am sadly remiss in letting you know about your cookies I have made! So here are my reviews, all in one place:

Cranberry Crunch Cookies - you know about these :-) I made them three or four times and they are one of my favorite cookies ever. And they don't even have chocolate chips, which makes that even more amazing. Love love love these.

Boston Cream Pie Cookies - one of my favorite desserts. I ended up putting more pudding in the filling than called for, because I love pudding so much, which somewhat changed the size and technique for me. The cookies were delicious, though I did find they were best the first day - after that, the filling got kind of gummy.

Coffee Cake Cookies - another of my favorite things. I ordered the cinnamon and espresso chips from KA just so I could make these, and it was worth it. Oh so good! When I took my first bite, I thought - how on earth did Greg come up with this? The texture and flavor really is just like the top of a coffee cake! And that whiff of coffee - almost not even a taste, but the aroma of a cup of fresh, hot coffee alongside the cookie, or maybe the lingering aftertaste of it in your mouth. Brilliant!

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies - the classic. I even went the extra mile and kept them in the fridge overnight (minus just a few dollops of dough :-)) Yummy and great texture. These are what I sent to Iraq for my Baking Gals contribution, and made enough so that I plenty left over to share and eat here.

Thanks again and as always for your fun site and great recipes! I'm sure I'll be trying more soon.

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Thank you SO much, Carol! You truly are a real-life reader and recipe user! :^)

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