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May 24, 2009


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What a great idea! I wonder how this would come out using fat free ingredients. Who needs Tastee-Delight?


I didn't know you were related to Mister Softee? Sounds delicious :9


Thanks for the idea. Ice cream is my middle name! I sure will try this one!


my mom would DIE for this, she loved soft served ice cream!


Actually, we used 2% milk, not whole, so I'm sure that skim milk would turn out well.


If you use lite Cool Whip, it would almost be healthy!

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Hey, everyone.

I bet you could replace the sugar with Splenda (or some other sugar substitute), use low-fat or soy milk, lite pudding, and lite Cool Whip and turn out a perfectly healthy treat.

The only thing is that I think you've really got to use an ice cream maker. The spinning blade really gets you that soft-serve texture. You'd probably just end up with a frozen brick if you just put the mixture in the freezer.

I'm glad Sister-in-Law and I talked Big-Bro out of making pistachio!

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