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February 17, 2011


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sounds like a winning combination. :o)


I think you just combined 6 of my favorite ingredients. This is definitely a top 5 for me from the recipes on this site.


Sounds like a wonderful combination.... :o)


Hi Cookieguy,
The wife and I are starting to diet and trying to cut back on guilty pleasures. Unfortunately it doesn't help that your site rocks and I pretty much want to bake and eat every cookie on The List. I guess my question/challenge is: Could you come up with a somewhat healthy cookie recipe we could enjoy and not feel guilty about? I know "healthy" and "cookie" bring to mind something that tastes as bland as the parchment it's baked on. But I have the utmost confidence that you can pull off something great! Thanks in advance!

George Quirk

Oh Damn! I'm craving when I saw your recipe. Unfortunately, I can't try it this week because my gums are not yet healed. One of my teeth was needed to be pulled out by my dentist at Myrtle Beach because it was damaged by cavity. Well, maybe next week I can eat foods that I want. I'll keep this link so I can follow the instructions of your recipe.

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