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February 26, 2008


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WOW! That's a whole lotta lime flavor. I'll be happy to let you share it when I come over. How about a Key Lime Pie cookie?

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

It's a deal! I'm woking on a stuffed key lime cookie...trying to perfect the crust/outside.


I knew the "lime story" would be a good one!! You have enough lime extract there to make a whole lotta cookies for a long, long time. Better get cookin'!


A stuffed key lime cookie sounds awesome! Key Lime Pie is one of my all time favorites.

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Stuffed key lime is officially on "the list."

Lea @ Healthy Coconut

This story is funny. I googled for a picture of 32oz and it led me to this post.

Thanks for the entertainment

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