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February 08, 2008


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Clarification/Correction: When Oatmeal Cookie Guy (OCG) says things like "I found it in the sandwich aisle" what he really means to say is "Jonnie found it in the sandwich aisle." That's right: I do the shoppin' -- OCG does the bakin' -- that's the division of labor around here because, due to my suburban Jewish upbringing, I can shop with the best of 'em but can't bake to save my life (except for pancakes (Jonnie-cakes), but that's another post...) I found the Bonne Maman (pictured above) because I couldn't find Smucker's or a more conventional brand -- but, again, that's the nature of our grocery store and also the subject of another post. The Sunday cookie baking ritual usually involves (my) multiple trips to the store...And let's just say that if OCG ever goes into business with these cookies, he'll bake the cookies, and I'll cook the books...


Thanks for the info.OCG !! Love reading your blog and look forward to more tips and recipes. I'll be testing some of them in my very own kitchen, but I admit that I like it better when I get a personal delivery of your already baked delights! Baking is fun, but tasting is better.

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Hi, Lorraine. Thanks for your support. :-)


Sometimes I find myself in front of the refrigerator eating the caramel sauce by the the point where there's none left in the jar...(should I be posting this on PostSecret?)


I'm one of the lucky Monday morning cookie testers. On Monday mornings, I eagerly await to see what cookie concoction Greg has come up with. I usually throw whatever I'm eating for breakfast away, and grab a cookie...or two...or three instead. They are always delicious. Greg, how old were you when you started baking?

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Thanks, Alysha! I know the cookies are good when you side one (or more) aside for your commute home. I'm so glad you like the blog too. :-)

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