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May 08, 2008


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I'm guessing that Mumma would agree that although you forgot her birthday, you are not a "bad" son! You certainly more then made up for your omission with home made cookies!! Right Mumma?


I can forgive your birthday faux pas because you more than made up for it with the beautiful orchids and the scrumptious, deliriously delicious cookies!! You're a kind, caring, loving son and a first-class cookie baker to boot!! It doesn't get any better! Lorraine and I are blessed to have such wonderful sons.


We certainly are, Mumma!! I have three of the best!


Well, I agree too, Greg is a keeper! ...I got to try some of Mumma's "lime in the coconut" cookies, (yes, she shared, well, I did threaten her!) and they were the most delicious cookies ever! Greg, grandma would be so proud of you!........... I loved your “send-ables”, please feel free to send more!!!! Love you Auntie

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Thanks, Auntie. But you guys could always come down to NYC! :-)

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