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June 02, 2008


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Alright, so I finally churned these babies out. I tried Rolo's but I didnt have enough,

so I substituted with fleur de sal caramels from trader joes

Im not sure if i put too many oats in,, because they are a little oaty.. and is it 3 1/2 cups of SMASHED cocoa krispies? or pre smashed, 3 1/2 c.

Overall, my children like the regular caramels, and one son likes the rolos.. so i continued with what rolos I had left, and used the salted caramels from trader joes. Even though they were already "salted" they needed ALOT of salt..

so? did i do a good job?


i have pictures on photobucket, ...? how does one add.

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Hi, Renee. You've inspired to make these again! (I don't think I have a "Picturing" post for this recipe yet.) I smash/grind the Cocoa Pebbles first, *then* I measure them. I've only made these with Rolos...will have to try those Trader Joes salted caramels. (If not for the cookies then to snack on.)

As for photobucket...I don't know! Sorry... :-)


Hi :) love your blog. Do you think that I can use Dulce de leche instead of Rolo's? We don't have them here in Denmark. Maybe just ad a little melted chocolate under the dulce de leche :)

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Hi, Line. Thanks for writing in! Essentially, these are thumbprint cookies, so I think the idea of using dulce de leche instead of the candies is a good idea. Just poke a little indentation into the cookie balls and scoop in some dulce de leche--about a 1/2 teaspoon's worth. Then sprinkle on the sea salt and bake.

I haven't tried this myself, but it seems like it would work. My only concern is about the dulce de leche leaking out of or being absorbed by the cookies while they bake. I guess it all depends on how thick your dulce de leche is. This is where your idea of using a little melted chocolate underneath the caramel could come in. If your dulce de leche is a little runny, the melted chocolate could provide a good foundation to keep the sauce from leaking out or being absorbed by the cookie. You wouldn't need much melted chocolate--just a light coating. If you're feeling fancy, you could even use a pastry brush to apply a thin, light coating of chocolate to the thumbprints before adding the dulce de leche. That should work!

The other night when I was chomping away at the movies, I thought of another candy that could be a Rolo stand-in. They're similar to Rolos--caramel centers coated in chocolate--but are much denser and chewier. And then I thought of how many dental problems a denser, chewier caramel center to these cookies could cause. So...I'm not recommending that other candy. :-)

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