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June 22, 2008


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The chocolate in the dough (and the oatmeal too) is definitely the secret to this (perfect) chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

That's right, Jonnazz. The shaved milk chocolate in the dough is sweeter than the chips. And the shaved milk chocolate also has a lower melting point than the chips, so there's always an element of melty/gooey chocolate in the finished cookie. And the oatmeal gets rid of that pasty flavor and texture that all-white flour cookies can have.


I was afraid that these would be too sweet, but they are very, very good. The milk chocolate is a nice touch.

However, I am now very full and a bit uncomfortable, therefore a bit angry at you.

Thanks for your recipe. I'm sending these to my dad for his birthday.

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Thanks, Runjess. I hope your dad enjoys these birthday cookies! :-)


i made these this weekend and holy smokes, are they good!

although i wasn't able to shave the chocolate properly... it ended up looking like we finely chopped it. (my boyfriend is the one who tried; i was at the store in a brown sugar freakout.) we were afraid to put the chopped chocolate in the dough, thinking it would be too chocolatey.

next time!
and thanks!!

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Thanks, Kelly! No need to worry about shaving the chocolate. If you had chopped chocolate, chopped chocolate would have been fine. worries. :-)

Lorelei Craig

Hey, my dad loves chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, but he likes them large, flat and crispy. Do you know how to do that. I am an avid baker (hobby) but haven't been able to make him the "perfect" cookie, that he gets at this bakery in Oakland, CA.



I am also interested in hearing about a flat, crispy cookie. I've been googling like crazy to no avail!!

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Hi, Lorelei and Margo. Here's a link to my Flat, Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe:



For the oatmeal, is the measurement in the form of whole oats or the finely ground? I measured out 3 3/4 old fashioned oatmeal, ground it and now I'm not sure that's the accurate meaning of the ingredient.
Thanks for advising.

Tom Wallick

Love your site. I've tried a ton of oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipes and I really think that the Frog Commissary Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookie ( far and away the best ever. The dough also freezes extremely well, so when you get the urge, you can just take them out, pop them in the oven and 12 minutes later you have hot homemade cookies...give it a shot!


what is the milk chocolate?


These are awesome cookies! Prior to adding the chips I split the dough in half and then added butterscotch chips to one half and chocolate chips to the other half. Sent these cookies with my 23 yr old son and 3 of his friends when they left for a road trip. They gobbled them up! Will put this recipe in my "make again" feel!

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