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July 14, 2008


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These cookies look really delicious! This addition makes it harder for me to pick a favorite.
I'm especially touched by your dedication to your Dad. It's clear he's been an important inspiration.


LOVE the cookie - so light and delicious and yum! And as a fellow Mass-hole, I totally thought, "Jordan Marsh muffins!" the second I laid eyes on these beauties. Thanks for the nostalgic flashback :)

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Thanks, Lorraine. We promised to make cookies for you--any kind you want. These ones are *really* good, I have to admit.

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Thanks, "WF." It's so funny you mentioned the Jordan Marsh muffins. (Jawdin Maaahhsh!) We are *sooo* on the same Mass. wavelength!


This brings back wonderful memories of those Sunday mornings when Dad would get up at the crack of dawn and bake those incredibly delicious blueberry muffins. How good the kitchen smelled and how nice it was to all sit around the table and enjoy these warm, yummy goodies. OCG, you've made your father proud.


I'm looking forward to taking you up on your cookie baking offer! Choosing the cookie isn't easy. There are sooo many I'd pick. I think it's a toss up between the german chocolate cake and these blueberry muffin tops. I'll let you decide. Can't wait!!


This is a *great* picture too (no, I didn't take it). It really shows the true texture of these muffin-top-like cookies!


As soon as I saw the name of the cookie, I thought of Ralphie's muffins! I remember coming over for them on Sunday mornings. The family sat at the table, ate muffins and talked and I was there, too! (in the purple bath robe!) I look forward to trying the blueberry muffin tops! They sound wonderful. Keep up the good work!

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Hi, Sheryle. I think I see Blueberry Muffin Top Cookies in my future the next time I come home. Now if I could only figure out Ralphie's recipe for home fries.


Looks really yummy. Did you bake all 5 dozen? How do you store leftovers. I am wondering if the dough freezes well.

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

H, JaySpice. Yup...I made all 5 dozen. Luckily, I had a people to take the cookies off of my hands. But you could do a couple things: 1) cut the recipe in half or 2) bake the full recipe and freeze the leftover cookies, which will keep well in the freezer for a few weeks. I think that freezing completely baked cookies would work better than freezing the raw, unbaked dough.

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