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July 16, 2008


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I wholeheartedly agree. Black & white cookies are totally sub-par.

Oatmeal Cookie guy

Hi, Kim. Yes! I'm not the only one who's unimpressed with black & white cookies. This is how I feel about it: If I want cake, I'll have cake. If a want a cookie, I'll have a cookie. But black & white cookies aren't the kind of cake I'd ever crave, and (duh!) I'd rather have an oatmeal cookie than any other kind of cookie.

Whenever Jon gets one, I make scrunchy-looking faces and repeat "I don't like those" over and over until he finished the thing. I mature.

Jonnazz which I reply, "you don't have to eat them!" I was raised on black and white cookies, so maybe it's a regional thing: when I was very young, my mom used to get two black and white cookies when she'd make her regular trips to Butterflake Bakery in Teaneck, NJ -- one was for her of course, and she'd split the other one between my brother and me so that we'd each get a black *and* a white half...

Princess Ariele

I love black and white cookies. But only the black half!

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Well, Jonnazz, I guess I'll have to stop making faces. :-D

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Hey, Princess Ariele. That's the other thing...the vanilla icing is always way too sweet--cloyingly, tooth-achingly sweet.

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