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December 24, 2008


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What about a really dark rich cakey date nut cookies stuffed with cream cheese? As a kid we would have date nut bread slathered with cream cheese. I have not had it in years but for some reason the figs made me think of dates and then date nut bread, and then I thought what about a cookie?

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Thanks for writing in, leeleemarie. That's an awesome idea. Up until this point, all my stuffed cookies have been smooth and "chunkless," meaning that they don't have any chips or nuts or any other sort of mix-ins in the dough. This is because I was afraid that the chunks would make holes in the cookie dough shells and allow the filling to leak out during baking.

But you have really inspired me, leeleemarie. I'm going to cross the chunky stuffed cookie barrier! And what better way to do so than to make a date nut cookie stuffed with a schmear of cream cheese. Mmmm...yummy. Stay tuned!

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