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January 19, 2009


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These sound super yummy! With coconut as an ingredient, I know I will LOVE them!! I'm going to make these but substitute macadamia nuts for the raisins. More snow is on the way, so I can't think of a better way to pass the time than baking some great cookies!

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Hi, Mumma. Holy're gonna bake!? If you keep this up, I'll have to get you your very own Silpats. :-)


Greg, I LOVED these!...And everyone that I shared them with couldn't get enough of them. Can't wait to try some more.

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Hi, Laurel. Awesome! I'm so happy everyone liked them. They are *really* good! :-)


Hi, these were great! I couldn't find coconut extract here (UK) so I just stuck in another bit of vanilla extract. I sampled the raw mix before cooking (well you have to, don't you) and it was all I could do not to just munch the whole lot down. The taste of rum was much stronger in the raw mix than in the baked cookie too.

I was wondering how come you get 3 dozen out of this though, I only got about 16 and I tried hard to use two tablespoons - don't think they have different size tablespoons over here do they?

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Hi, Tony. This dough *is* really good to nibble. For a boozier/rummier flavor in the baked cookies, try replacing the vanilla with rum...or upping the amount of rum in the wet ingredients. :-)

I use a cookie scoop when I portion out my dough balls. Check out:

The manufacturer of the scoop I use says that the scoop holds a "generous tablespoon," which is about 2 tablespoons. Do you use two tablespoons from a set of measuring spoons or two spoons you'd use to set your table? (I know. It's kind of confusing.) Hmmm...this is a good point for me to investigate: Whether measuring spoons hold the same volume as utensil spoons.


Hi, I've got a set of these spoons (the ones in the background on this picture - Using the tablespoon size and doing a slightly heaped measure I got 31 this time around. It's difficult to get consistent sizes with it though so I shall look out for a scoop. It would be interesting to see how things vary with measures - I've already come across a few places where the US to Imperial measuring seems to differ on the conversion factors.

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Hi, Tony. Thanks for the link. I'm still looking into whether the there is any variation between measuring implements in the U.S. and U.K. (I guess this is why *professional bakers* weigh everything.) Another wrinkle is that what you call "Imperial" we call "English." Argh! Maybe we should all just go metric. :-)

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