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May 06, 2009


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I made these last night as test batch for a Mother's day present. I generally don't like white chocolate and much approve of the dark chips addition. I brought them into work to pass them around.

The girl in the office across from me rolled her chair back and moaned that they were the most amazing cookies ever in such a way as to be slightly obscene; my boss told me I had missed my calling as a baker; and the accountant told me they were the best cookies she'd ever had and then called her mom and told her about them.

So yeah - these are quite tasty. :o) Thanks for the recipe! It's delicious.

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Hi, Melissa. Thanks! I pasted your comment on the main page as a "blog-love" entry. So glad your coworkers liked them. You should definitely try the dark chocolate version. :-)


Hi Greg, I made these the other day, what a delicious flavor and texture combination! I did have one issue, though - the dried strawberries I got were pretty big, and I had cut them up some, but apparently not enough. The cookies came out all different sizes and thickness - some flat, some lumpy, some in between. The dried strawberries didn't distribute evenly. Did you have any problem with this? Next time, I'll try cutting them up even more, and try to control how many get into each cookie. Any suggestions?

Another hit from OCG! My husband took some to work; one person asked for the recipe, and another, after taking a bite, said "I'm going to need another one of these."

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Hi, Carol. The dehydrated strawberries I used were sliced pretty thin, so they kind of broke up evenly when I mixed them up in my Kitchen Aid. And so the cookies came out evenly formed every time. If your dehydrated strawberries are really chunky, go ahead and roughly chop them--or crush them a little in your hands--so that they distribute evenly in the dough when you mix.

I'm so glad these guys were a hit with your husband's coworkers. Another success for the OCG's bring-in-ables?

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