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January 07, 2010


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Wow--I'm always so surprised to see my comments featured in your posts, haha. Your blog is so much more interactive than most other blogs for that reason, though!

Reading about what other people suggested got me thinking some more on the subject; I did a quick search on apricot baked goods recipes, and stumbled upon some other ideas: maybe you could take a jam/preserves-thumbprint cookie approach, or even a stuffed cookie with a thicker dried apricot or peach puree/mixture, and/or you could use apricot/peach nectar in the wet ingredients. I've spiked jam with booze plenty of times as a filling for layer cakes, and you could definitely adapt that concept to jam thumbprints!

Anyways, more food for thought! Happy (belated) new year! Hope you have a warm and safe beginning of 2010!

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