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April 13, 2010


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Ooh, these look divine! I'm in love with your blog because oatmeal cookies have become my fav- the same can't be said for my boyfriend (which makes me sad, because I can't make a whole batch for myself!!)

But he looooves key lime pie, so maybe I can convert him with these cookies...I still say he's just never had a quality oatmeal cookie.

Also, I'm making your Cherry Vanilla Crispies tonight using orange-flavored dried cranberries (it's all CVS had, haha) and "Cupcakes Pebbles" cereal instead of Rice Krispies. I'll let you know how they turn out =)

ricky c.

I had the same thought. I thought about maybe a cookie with a graham cracker base and the filling would be the key lime pie filling so when you bite into it the cream comes out like a cream filled doughnut. The issue is with finding the right base and figuring out how to bake the filling inside so it stays loose but not runny. Any thoughts? I also wanted to try a few other flavors as well but have to get this one together first. Finally could you not just make the key lime pie filling as you normally do since the acid when combined with the sweetened condensed milk sets up pretty well.

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