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June 28, 2010


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"I'm not a huge chocolate fan....But I do love me some Cocoa Pebbles"

I could have written that! I totally agree ;)

By the way, have you seen the new (ish) Cupcake Pebbles cereal? Oh, it's pretty bad for you, probably more sugar than you should have in two days. But it's so delicious and full of vanilla flavor! I actually used Cupcake Pebbles on your Cherry-Vanilla Crispies and it made for some adorable cookies, but I forgot to take photos =(


Hey Cookieguy

I'm still having problems with my cookies melting and spreading out wafer-thin in the oven. I took your advice and got rid of the electric mixer and opted for the wooden spoon for creaming the sugar and butter, but the cookies still won't hold up. Can you make any other suggestions to prevent this? Would refrigerating the dough a little bit before baking help?

Thanks for your input :-)

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Hi, JS5981. Good to hear from you again! Hmmm... I've been thinking about your predicament for a while. It can be really frustrating to get flat, crunchy cookies all the time. (Unless you want to make something like my Flat, Crunch Chocolate Chip Cookies, that is.) I think the problem might be that your oven is running hot. Your idea of parking the dough in the fridge for a bit to chill and firm up is a good one. I also suggest lowering the temp on your oven a little.

So the next time you're baking cookies, try chilling the dough in your fridge for about 30 minutes and baking them at a lower temperature--325º instead of 350º. I hope this helps!

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