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December 10, 2010


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These sound delicious, Greg! I have lots of walnuts and almost everything else I need - just a couple of questions: I don't have coconut extract, not sure I want to buy some, so I'd like to try using vanilla extract instead - what do you think? And, I have unsweetened coconut, is that right or did you use sweetened?

Thanks, can't wait to try these!


...I should say, try using vanilla extract only - since there is vanilla included already.

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Hi, Carol. Thanks for writing in! I always use Baker's brand sweetened coconut, but feel free to use what you've got on hand. Unsweetened coconut should work just fine. And if you don't have coconut extract, go ahead and use twice the amount of vanilla.

I ran out of milk the last time I made this recipe, so I had to soak the coconut in water instead. The cookies came out great--just as good as the regular batches. So don't worry about swapping out ingredients. Do a little improvising and use what you have on hand.


Hi Greg, thanks for your answers! I was away over Christmas and didn't find your posts until now. :-)

My wonderfully generous sister got me a Kitchen Aid for Christmas. I've never even had a stand mixer at all, and this is the professional model! It's as big as my kitchen! She had to ship it, and I've been waiting for its arrival to try these as its maiden voyage (although I suppose your XXX Cherry Chocolate cookies might have been more appropriate ;-))

The first sheet is cooling right now - I can hardly wait to try them! The dough certainly is delicious on its own. Oh, and that Kitchen Aid - who knew creaming and mixing could be so easy???

More to come...


Whoa, these are good! Worth the wait until my new Kitchen Aid arrived (how did I live without it?) The texture is fabulous, and the flavor combination is great!

I did make some modifications, based on what I had in the house - no milk chocolate, so I used two kinds of dark chocolate instead. While I love that, I would include the milk chocolate next time. I think that must add more depth and variety to the chocolate taste (I know you did it for a reason!) I doubled the vanilla instead of coconut extract, and used unsweetened coconut with a little stevia added. And I even messed up and forgot to put the enplumpened coconut in until after the dry ingredients! No harm done, it seems.

Another winner, Greg! You keep outdoing yourself. I will be proud to share these gems!

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Hi, Carol. Thanks so much! I'm so glad you got a Kitchen Aid (I can't live without mine) and that you liked these guys. And good for you for putting your own spin on the ingredients, too. There are at least a handful of my recipes that started out in one direction but veered off in another direction when I saw what ingredients I actually had on hand.

Enjoy that new mixer of yours and have fun baking!

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