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January 24, 2011


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Sandra @ The Memory Workshop

Fascinating! But I dont' understand the concept of leftover junk food...who ever has leftovers??


hi Greg!

I have a question for you, and it seems reasonable to post if after your latest compost cookie recipe, because it has to do with the exact opposite on the health spectrum. Compost cookies are SO good, but they are SO bad for your waistline, and well, I'm on a health kick. I need my sweets though, so I am wondering what is your healthiest cookie? I'm thinking it may be the XXX Cranberry. I was going to try to adapt the recipe by adding some pumpkin seeds for some protein and good fats, since it already has fruit (and no eggs!) Is there a good substitute for butter (i know, why would I want to sub butter???) I have a friend who said she uses canned pumpkin instead of butter in a lot of recipes, but I am doubtful that it would turn out good in a cookie recipe. Thoughts?


Marya, applesauce makes a good substitute for butter or oil in most recipes. Just be aware that it will make your cookies more cake-like than the original recipe - still good, just different!

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